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15 Fun & Silly Bridal Shower Games For Non-Stop Laughter

People are made to bond by doing things together and having fun.

Check out these 15 of the best silly bridal shower games that will have guests so entertained they won’t want to leave, making your celebration one they’ll remember forever.

1. Toilet Paper Wedding Dress

Why not try the classic Toilet Paper Wedding Dress game for some hilarious fun? Divide your guests into teams and give each team a few rolls of toilet paper; their task is to create the best wedding dress in a set time, with the bride judging the winner.

toilet paper bride silly games

2. Musical Bouquet

Musical Bouquet is a lively twist on musical chairs that’s sure to get everyone moving. Have guests pass around a bouquet while music plays, and when the music stops, the person holding it is out until only one winner remains.

3. Pin the Tail On The Donkey: A Bridal Twist!

Pin the Veil on the Bride is a delightful take on the classic party game. Blindfold your guests, spin them around, and see who can pin the veil closest to the bride’s head on a large poster.

4. Unwrap the Fun!

Pass the Parcel is a timeless game that adds excitement to your bridal shower. Wrap a small gift in multiple layers, with a fun task or small prize in each layer; guests pass the parcel around, unwrapping a layer each time the music stops.

5. Blindfolded Cake Decorating

Blindfolded Cake Decorating adds a sweet and silly twist to your party. Set up small cakes and decorating supplies, blindfold the participants, and watch the fun as they try to create edible masterpieces. This one is sure to make guests laugh.

cake decorating game bridal shower silly games

You can even have guests pair up and try to coordinate as a team. This is sure to bring two people together and break the ice. Or you can give out humorous awards such as ‘worse cake’.

6. Mad Libs Funny Version

Funny Mad Libs add a hilarious twist to bridal showers by blending creativity with laughter. Guests fill in the blanks of a pre-written story with random nouns, verbs, and adjectives, resulting in uproarious tales that celebrate the bride-to-be in unexpected and amusing ways.

For everything you need to know to host a mad libs bridal shower, feel free to check out our post:

7. Guess the Age: Memory Lane!

Test your guests’ memories with the Guess the Age game. Collect childhood photos of the bride and groom, and have guests guess their ages in each picture, with a prize for the most accurate guesses.

8. Human Ring Toss

Human Ring Toss is a hilarious and interactive game that’s perfect for outdoor showers. Use hula hoops and have guests try to “ring” each other by tossing the hoops over them from a distance.

9. Fashion Parade

Let your creativity shine with the Fashion Dress and Parade game. Provide cardboard, scrap fabric, and other craft supplies, then have teams design and model their creations in a runway show.

10. Cucumber Face Race

Add some laughter with the Cucumber Face Race, where balance and teamwork is key. The goal is to balance a slice of cucumber on your face and race to the finish line; the more cucumbers you balance, the more points you score.

11. Bridal Scavenger Hunt

A Bridal Scavenger Hunt is a fun way to keep guests engaged and moving. Create a list of bridal-related items for your guests to find around the venue, with a prize for the first to complete the list.

12. Photo Booth Charades

Combine charades with a photo booth for endless entertainment and an excuse for memorable photos guests can take home as a bridal shower favor. Guests draw random funny poses or props from a hat and must act them out within a certain time in the photo booth for hilarious pictures.

photobooth charades silly bridal shower games edited

13. Funny Bridal Bingo

Bridal Bingo, Funny Edition, injects humor and excitement into bridal showers with a playful twist on the classic game. Instead of traditional numbers, guests mark off squares with quirky wedding-related scenarios or inside jokes about the bride, ensuring lively interaction and laughter throughout the celebration.

For how to play bridal bingo and your free bridal shower bridal bingo template, find it here:

14. Marshmallow Mouthful

Marshmallow Mouthful is a laugh-out-loud game that’s sure to be a hit. Have guests stuff their mouths with marshmallows and try to say wedding-related phrases, with everyone else guessing what they’re saying.

15. Bride and Groom Trivia: Funny Edition!

Test your guests’ knowledge with a funny edition of Bride and Groom Trivia. Prepare humorous questions about the couple and see who knows them best, offering a small prize for the top trivia master.

We hope we’ve been helpful and love these 14 silly bridal shower games.

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