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Alice In Wonderland Bridal Shower: A Whimsical Guide

We’ve all been to that boring party. You know the one—same decorations, same games, same awkward small talk over finger sandwiches. Yawn.

If you’re searching for an unforgettable, hassle-free, and budget-friendly bridal shower theme, look no further! It’s right here!

Dive in to explore a wonderland of unique, affordable, and effortlessly enchanting Alice in Wonderland bridal shower ideas.

Why An Alice in Wonderland Bridal Shower is perfect?

Hey, bridal shower planners! Get your looking glass ready! Because the Bridal Shower Club is going on an adventure! An Alice in Wonderland bridal shower promises an experience that’s truly out of this world! Picture ‘Eat Me’ cookies, and ‘Drink Me’ potions. So cute!

Imagine your popular tea party bridal shower, but with a whimsical, topsy-turvy upgrade! We recommend exploring multiple themes so you can pick and choose particular bridal shower ideas that you like:

  • Whimsical Wonderland Vibes: Step into a world where imagination reigns supreme and nothing is quite as it seems. An Alice in Wonderland theme brings a magical, dreamlike atmosphere. Guests will never forget this experience!
  • Endless Creativity: From mad tea party settings to enchanted garden decor, the creative possibilities are limitless. Your guests will marvel at the quirky, delightful details that transport them straight down the rabbit hole.
  • Playful and Fun: Who can resist the charm of a Mad Hatter’s tea party or the intrigue of a Queen of Hearts’ croquet game? This theme ensures your bridal shower is packed with playful elements that keep everyone entertained and engaged.

The best bridal showers are those that scream “this is SO her!”

By exploring different themes, you can avoid the bridal shower cookie-cutter conundrum and instead, craft an experience as unique as the bride herself.

So before you select your bridal shower theme, at the Bridal Shower Club, we encourage you to dive in, explore different themes, and imagine the themed bridal shower ideas coming to life. Here are a few related bridal shower themes that you may be interested in:

Now, say goodbye to stress and headaches— we’ve racked our brains and done all the hard work for you!

Keep reading for creative and unique Alice in Wonderland bridal shower ideas that are easy to implement, budget-friendly, and guaranteed to make everyone fall in love with your Alice in Wonderland bridal shower.

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Alice in Wonderland Bridal Shower Ideas

Hold onto your teacups and prepare for a journey down the rabbit hole! Trust me, you won’t want to miss these wonderful Alice in Wonderland bridal shower filled with enough magic to make the Mad Hatter himself jealous:

Name Cards Written on Playing Cards

Adding a touch of whimsy to your Alice in Wonderland bridal shower, name cards written on playing cards are both budget-friendly and delightfully thematic. Guests will love finding their names on these iconic cards, instantly feeling like part of the story.

Simply purchase a deck or two of playing cards, write each guest’s name with a metallic marker, and place them at each seat. This small detail not only adds to the aesthetic but also sets the playful tone of the event right from the start.

alice in wonderland bridal shower teapot edited

Invitations with a Key Attached

Set the tone for your enchanting celebration with invitations that invite guests down the rabbit hole, complete with an attached key and a playful “Don’t be late!” reminder. These unique invites are sure to spark curiosity and excitement, making your guests eager to join in the fun.

To create these, you can find inexpensive vintage-style keys online or at craft stores, attach them to your invitations with ribbon, and include whimsical wording. This attention to detail will captivate your guests and ensure they mark their calendars.

“Drink Me” Drinks or “Eat Me” Cookies

Add a magical touch to your bridal shower with “Drink Me” drinks or “Eat Me” cookies, straight out of Wonderland. These treats are not only delicious but also visually stunning and perfect for your themed celebration. To set up, bake your favorite cookies and use edible markers or icing to write the iconic phrases on them.

You can also find custom cookie makers online if baking isn’t your thing. Arrange these cookies on a tiered tray, and watch as your guests delight in this tasty nod to the classic tale.

drink me alice in wonderland

White and Red Roses with a Red Paintbrush

Channel the Queen of Hearts with white and red roses accompanied by a red paintbrush, creating a charming and interactive decoration. This idea is both budget-friendly and easy to set up while adding a playful element to your décor.

Purchase white and red artificial real roses and a few inexpensive paintbrushes; place them in vases around your venue. For an extra touch, you can dip the tips of the brushes in red paint.

DIY Roses Made with Old Book Pages

Crafting DIY roses from old book pages brings a vintage and literary charm to your Alice in Wonderland bridal shower. This project is budget-friendly and eco-conscious, perfect for a unique and creative touch.

To create these roses, use pages from an old book, cut them into petal shapes, and glue them together to form roses. You can find a tutorial here. Arrange these paper roses in vases or scatter them around the venue to create an enchanting, bookish atmosphere that guests will adore.

Scavenger Hunt

A scavenger hunt is a fantastic way to engage your guests and bring the story of Alice in Wonderland to life. This activity is both fun and interactive, encouraging everyone to explore and participate in the festivities.

To set up, create a list of Wonderland-themed items for guests to find around the venue, such as a pocket watch, a miniature teapot, or a red rose. Provide clues and small prizes for the winners, making this a memorable and delightful addition to your bridal shower.

Mad Hatter Tea Party

Transform your bridal shower into a whimsical Mad Hatter tea party, complete with mismatched teacups, quirky teapots, and an array of delectable treats. This theme is visually stunning and offers endless opportunities for creative décor and delightful food presentations.

To set up, gather an eclectic mix of vintage tea sets, bake or buy an assortment of pastries, and decorate the table with colorful tablecloths and whimsical centerpieces. Your guests will be enchanted by the quirky, charming atmosphere and will thoroughly enjoy the unique tea party experience.

tea party bridal shower table runner

Giant Playing Cards Decor

Decorate your venue with giant playing cards for a bold and whimsical touch that instantly evokes the spirit of Wonderland. This idea is visually striking, easy to execute, and relatively inexpensive. Purchase oversized playing cards online or create your own using poster board and markers.

Hang them on walls, use them as table runners, or create a backdrop for a photo area. The giant playing cards will add a playful and eye-catching element to your décor that guests will love.

Playing Cards Pressed Against Glass with Flowers Inside

Bring a touch of Wonderland whimsy to your bridal shower with playing cards pressed against glass vases filled with flowers. This decorative idea is both visually striking and simple to create, adding a unique flair to your tablescapes.

To set up, choose clear glass vases and press playing cards against the inside walls, securing them with a bit of tape if needed. Fill the vases with vibrant flowers, such as red and white roses, for a stunning contrast. This charming arrangement will captivate your guests and beautifully tie in the Wonderland theme.

playing card vase alice in wonderland

Whimsical Photo Booth

Set up a whimsical photo booth to capture the fun and magic of your Alice in Wonderland bridal shower. This interactive element is sure to be a hit with guests, providing endless entertainment and memorable photos. Create a backdrop with elements like oversized flowers, a painted rabbit hole, and quirky signs pointing to “This Way” and “That Way.”

Provide props such as top hats, rabbit ears, and Cheshire Cat grins for guests to pose with. Your whimsical photo booth will be a highlight of the event, offering fantastic photo opportunities and lasting memories.

Cheshire Cat Cocktails

Serve up Cheshire Cat cocktails to add a touch of mischievous charm to your bridal shower. These colorful, layered drinks are not only delicious but also visually stunning, adding to the overall Wonderland ambiance. To create these cocktails, layer ingredients like grenadine, blue curaçao, and lemonade to achieve a striking appearance.

Garnish with a candy smile or a lemon twist to mimic the Cheshire Cat’s grin. Your guests will be delighted by these playful, tasty beverages that perfectly capture the whimsical spirit of the celebration.

Tea Tasting Station

Create an enchanting tea tasting station where guests can sample a variety of exotic and classic teas, adding a sophisticated touch to your Alice in Wonderland bridal shower. This idea is both budget-friendly and delightful, offering a sensory journey through different flavors and aromas.

Set up a charming table with assorted loose-leaf teas, labeled jars, and an array of teapots and cups. Provide tasting notes and cards for guests to jot down their favorites, turning tea time into an engaging and interactive experience.

Tea Leaf Reading

Add a mystical element to your celebration with a tea leaf reading station, where guests can predict their future and have a bit of fun. This activity is unique, engaging, and surprisingly easy to set up. Print out and laminate instructions on how to read tea leaves, providing step-by-step guides for guests to read each other’s fortunes.

All you need is a selection of loose-leaf teas and some tea cups. This whimsical addition will spark curiosity and laughter, making for memorable moments.

White Rabbit Carrot Cake

Delight your guests with a White Rabbit carrot cake, a delicious nod to one of Wonderland’s most beloved characters. This scrumptious treat is not only thematic but also easy to make or order from a bakery.

Decorate the cake with bunny ears, a pocket watch, or a tiny “I’m late!” sign to add a playful touch. The cake will be a sweet centerpiece that’s sure to please and perfectly fits the whimsical theme of your event.

Guess the Tea Flavor

Add an element of fun and mystery with a “Guess the Tea Flavor” game, where guests can test their taste buds and knowledge. This game is easy to organize and provides an entertaining challenge. Offer a selection of teas with their labels hidden, and let guests write down their guesses after tasting.

Award small prizes to those who guess correctly. This engaging activity not only entertains but also educates guests about different tea varieties.

DIY Roses Made of Playing Cards

Channel the creativity of Wonderland with DIY roses made from playing cards, adding a playful and crafty touch to your bridal shower décor. These unique flowers are not only eye-catching but also fun to make, perfect for adding a personal touch to the celebration.

To create these roses, cut playing cards into petal shapes and glue them together in layers to form a rose. You can find tutorials online or pre-cut kits at craft stores to simplify the process. Use these DIY roses as centerpieces, bouquet accents, or scattered decor to infuse your event with a whimsical, handmade charm that guests will love.

Floating Teapots/Playing cards

Create a magical atmosphere with floating teapots /playing cards suspended from the ceiling, giving your venue a truly Wonderland feel. This idea is visually stunning and adds a whimsical touch that guests will adore.

Use fishing line to hang paper teapots at different heights, making them appear as if they’re pouring an invisible stream of tea. This charming decoration is sure to wow your guests and provide a fantastic backdrop for photos.

floating teacups alice in wonderland bridal shower edited

Playing Card Garland

Decorate your bridal shower with a playing card garland for an easy and affordable way to bring the Wonderland theme to life. This simple DIY project adds a playful and colorful element to your décor.

To make the garland, punch holes in the corners of playing cards and string them together with ribbon or twine. Hang the garland around the venue, across tables, or as part of a photo booth backdrop for a whimsical touch.

Alice-Inspired Dress Code

Encourage your guests to dive into the Wonderland spirit with an Alice-inspired dress code, adding a fun and immersive element to your bridal shower. This idea is easy to implement and makes for fantastic photo opportunities. Suggest guests come dressed as their favorite characters or in whimsical, tea party attire.

Thank you, fabulous bridal shower planners! We’re all about saving you time and stress! The next step of your bridal shower planning is invitations! If you want to do 0 work in bridal shower invitation writing, here are wordings you can easily copy and paste! It’s that simple! And for even more tips and tricks, be sure to check out our complete bridal shower guide.

Let’s make some memories! We hope we’ve been helpful and hope to see you again.

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