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Are you confused about throwing a bridal shower and just wish planning was simpler?

I’ve heard about way too many maid of honors who ended up much poorer in cash, relationships, and mental health as a result of a poorly planned bridal shower. 

This is never going to happen to you. Why?

From the 4 bridal showers I’ve hosted (and counting), I’ve been able to create an easy-to-follow simple 7-step formula to throw an epic bridal shower using the acronym R.A.D.I.A.N.T. This free Bridal Shower Club guide is going to be your best friend on this journey! 

You’re about to discover everything you need to know to flawlessly execute a R.A.D.I.A.N.T. bridal shower from common mistakes you cannot make, who to invite, and essential bridal shower ettiquette. 

If you want a bridal shower that impresses the bride and the guests with minimal effort and stress, keep reading this free guide.

The Best Way To Plan A Bridal Shower

One of my biggest secrets to planning a bridal shower is saying NO to procrastination. It may sound obvious. But we both know how tempting it is to just say “I’ll do it later” but this is a slippery slope that will land you right into the lovely Stressville. Time to kick things off—let’s start today!

Now, we know what you’re thinking: “This article might be longer than the waiting line for Taylor Swift’s concert tickets”, but just like Taylor Swift’s concert, it’s definitely worth it. Because at the end you will be crowned as the bridal shower planner pro. Think of this bridal shower guide as your one-stop-shop for all things bridal shower—no more endless scrolling or frustrating Google searches. We’ve rounded up the juiciest tips, tricks, and insider secrets.

I want to make sure that you make the most of this free bridal shower planning guide and become the Beyoncé of party planning, so we encourage you to bookmark our page, refer back to it while planning, or share it with your bridal shower planners. It’s crucial to do more than just read and to take action. Please, open up a Google Doc and write notes and plan while you read! 

Hold onto your tiaras because the fun’s just getting started! Keep reading until the end to grab your own free bridal shower checklist and itinerary. 

Bridal Shower FAQs Essentials

A warm welcome to you to our Bridal Shower Club! My name is Yasmin and I’ll be your guide. Let’s kick things off with all your burning questions! Cue the dramatic music and the spotlight—this is where the bridal shower magic begins!

A bridal shower is a pre-wedding celebration held in honor of the bride-to-be. 

But a bridal shower is so much much more. It’s a celebration of the bride, of sisterhood, of love, of support, and importantly a transformative journey for you. 

The bridal shower planning is traditionally organized by the maid of honor, or occasionally by her close friends or family members. 

Bridal showers typically take place a few weeks or months before the wedding and serve as a way to celebrate the upcoming marriage. But we strongly advise initiating your planning process as soon as possible.

This is because sometimes bridesmaids told me they would be busy for the whole of the next month as they were bogged down by work. When I needed quick deadlines, bridesmaids would underdeliver and I’d have to do it by myself. I remember the time when I said ‘I’ll book the venue next week – what’s a few days going to do?’ only for it to be booked by someone else. 

If you’re the maid of honor, you’re in charge. If you’re a bridesmaid or the bridesmaid’s friends or families, expect to help out.
As detailed in our guide on the essential responsibilities of the maid of honor, traditionally, the maid of honor takes the lead in planning the bridal shower. However, these days, it’s not uncommon for other close friends, family members, or even the bride herself to plan the bridal shower. The key is to clearly communicate who is in charge and who does what.

Now in terms of who pays, traditionally, whoever hosts whoever pays. Thus, the maid of honor hosts and pays for the bridal shower. But in more modern times, this tradition is changing so the MOH may be able to share costs

The optimal timeframe for a bridal shower is about 3 weeks to 3 months before the wedding. However, this is a rough timespan and you need to consider the bride’s preferences, guest availabilities and other pre-wedding events.

For example, bachelorette parties. If you’re wondering, the bridal shower usually comes after the bachelorette party. The best time to have a bachelorette party is 1 to 4 months before the wedding.

The event determines crucial decisions and sets an expectation for guests. For one, you don’t invite a stripper to a bridal shower. Grandma would not be happy.

  • Bridal showers: cute and wholesome. Designed for close friends and family to shower the bride with love and practical gifts. Think a bit more formal, like a lovely afternoon tea with grandma and the whole gang.
  • Bachelorette parties: fun and potentially wild. Such as a night (or weekend) of letting loose with the besties to mark the bride’s last hurrah as a single lady.
  • These are just the main differences between bridal showers and bachelorette parties. 

It is important that you pay attention to bridal shower etiquette and are aware of the differences, otherwise, things could get super awkward. For example, bridal showers and bachelorette parties also greatly differ by guest list, number of guests, themes, and decor.

A bridal shower is different from a wedding (aka couple shower).

  • Bridal shower: bride-only, female guests
  • Couple shower: bride and groom, female and male guests

The couple will decide whether to have a combined wedding/couple shower or not. Discuss with the couple the pros and cons of a wedding shower.

I hope this FAQ section has been helpful for you. If you have any more questions, keep on reading because remember, you don’t know what you don’t know. If only someone had shared these insider tips and tricks with me back in the day!

Fundamentals of Bridal Shower Planning

The key to an exceptional bridal shower is about building a story. 

What does a good story involve? A good story involves intentional design. A good story involves people. A good story is memorable

How do you build an unforgettable bridal shower story filled with love and laughter with your bride as the star of the show? Let us introduce you to the Bridal Shower Club Planning Pyramid:

bridal shower planning pyramid square format

At Bridal Shower Club, our planning philosophy follows an inverted pyramid structure. Dream big and envision the overarching themes and non-negotiable elements before delving into the finer details. By starting with key decisions, you set the foundation that influences every aspect of your bridal shower, from the invitations to the decor. 

For example, your bridal vision determines your theme which then determines the venue, and so on. It’s helpful to plan (roughly) in order this order. 

Think big before you think small.

So ladies, now you understand the fundamentals of bridal shower planning, as aforementioned, you NEED a clear bridal vision. After all, a shaky start could lead to a bridal shower disaster of epic proportions! It has the greatest impact on shaping the entire bridal shower experience.


The first letter of our bridal shower planning acronym R.A.D.I.A.N.T is R which stands for Roadmap. The bridal shower roadmap is like the GPS of party planning. Everything else follows. I mean EVERYTHING. Your life will be so much easier if you get these right:

  • Planning squad: Who will be responsible for each aspect of planning?
  • Budget: Who will be responsible for funding?
  • Date: When is the scheduled date for the bridal shower?
  • Theme: What colours? 

Planning Squad

Everyone likes to talk about bridal shower balloons but it’s very difficult to find information on organizing your planning squad. Your planning squad is the backbone of the event. Without them, you’d be doing upwards of 10x the workload and swimming in a sea of stress and to-do lists the size of Everest (yikes!). 

We want to make your life easy so here’s how to manage your bridal shower planning squad right from the beginning:

  1. Call in the Troops: Usually, the bridesmaids, close friends, and families take part in planning. Ask about their availabilities and consider who is most willing to help out. You’re the captain of this ship, so choose wisely and recruit those who bring the most fun, flair, and enthusiasm to the table (and not to mention reliability).
  2. Create the Squad Chat: From my experience, I recommend WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger because you can create polls. 
  3. Establish Ground Rules: As the Maid of Honor, it’s important to set some ground rules to ensure everyone’s on the same page. Be clear about communication expectations, deadlines, and the overall vision for the bridal shower. 
  4. Delegate Like a Boss: Assign roles based on each squad member’s strengths. You can create a shared Google Docs with a table of all the responsibilities. Label the columns accordingly: name, task, due date, so everyone is on the same page (literally). 
  5. Keep the Communication Flowing: As the Maid of Honor, you’re the glue that holds this squad together! Stay in touch with your team through group chats, Zoom calls, or carrier pigeons—whatever works best. 
  6. Celebrate Every Win: Bridal shower planning can be a very fun experience for everyone! Keep the energy high. 


Paying for a bridal shower can quickly drain your finances, often exceeding $5000. Failing to manage finances effectively can lead to debt, financial stress, and putting off your long-term financial goals. You can avoid all this by learning essential tips and insights on budgeting and maximizing resources to host the perfect celebration without breaking the bank. 

This article is going to get way too long so we’ve made another article for you for a more comprehensive guide. We’ve whipped up another comprehensive article chock-full of genius hacks for throwing a bridal shower on a budget


I’m about to share with you my secret to choosing a date that works for just about everyone.

Remember to avoid holidays and special events as guests may already have plans or commitments. 

To decide on the date, simply follow these steps: 

  1. Ask the bride for a list of 5 dates that she is available on. 
  2. Create a group chat with all the guests either on Facebook Messenger or Whatsapp (so you can create a poll).
  3. Create a poll for everyone’s availabilities.
choosing a date using social media


When it comes to choosing the ideal venue for your bridal shower, there are several factors to consider. Identify the following event requirements before you look for a venue:

  • Guest Capacity: Determine the number of guests you plan to invite as this will narrow down your options for venue size and space requirements.
  • Atmosphere and Theme: Consider the desired ambiance and theme for the bridal shower. 
  • Budget: Costs may include rental fees, catering, and any additional services or amenities
  • Venue Restrictions: Such as noise limitations, decor restrictions, or catering exclusivity.

Examples of Perfect Venues: 

  • Garden or Park: completely free and perfect for a garden themed bridal shower or butterfly bridal shower.
  • Beach: again free! Extremely appropriate for a beach themed or tropical themed bridal shower. 

Step Two: AESTHETIC & Bridal Shower Theme 

The A in the acronym R.A.D.I.A.N.T refers to the bridal shower Aesthetic and bridal shower theme. The bridal shower aesthetic and theme sets the tone and creates a cohesive atmosphere for the celebration. It creates a memorable event and is a reflection of the bride.


  • Bride’s personality, interests, and preferences
  • Season and venue
  • Who will be invited and their preferences

Suggest some of the following themes to the bride and ask her what she thinks. Does this bridal shower theme make the bride feel excited? 

Feast your eyes on this gallery of exciting and stunning bridal shower themes—they’re my absolute favorites! Click on these juicy-looking, scrumptious images to unlock a treasure trove of theme inspiration and ideas:

There are dozens and dozens of bridal shower theme choices. I know you want to choose a bridal shower theme without the fuss that is easy to plan, easy on your wallet and PLUS the bride will love. If that sounds like you, check out our post on the Top Bridal Shower Themes of The Year where I’ve categorized bridal shower themes into three different types.

Here are also some of our and our Bridal Shower Club readers’ personal favourites. Click on the following images if you want to see how to simply add them to your bridal shower: 

The bridal shower roadmap sets the scene but bridal shower decor makes the bridal shower roadmap SPICEY. Decorating for a bridal shower last minute can quickly become a stressful ordeal because of out-of-stock decor or accounting shipping times, and then engaging in a back-and-forth with the bride to finalize choices.

Step Three: DECOR

The D in the acronym R.A.D.I.A.N.T stands for decor. Bridal shower decorations set the stage for how guests should feel during the event. Exciting and unique decor makes the guests feel excited and the event memorable.

Attractive decor encourages guests to take photos and to preserve the bridal shower memories. Boring decor = boring party. Think about how to engage all five senses—sight, sound, touch, taste, and smell—to create a truly immersive experience.

Now, here’s the scoop: we stumbled upon this little nugget after planning a few too many bridal showers ourselves. Turns out, there are core purposes of a bridal shower, and your décor game needs to be on point to accommodate them all.

So, let’s break it down, shall we? We’re talking about different zones here, each with its own vibe and purpose:

  • Dining Area: Transform tables with lush floral centerpieces, delicate candle arrangements, and themed table accents for an ambiance of romance and elegance.
  • Food Display Area: Create a feast for the eyes with tiered dessert stands, gourmet grazing boards, and stylish signage, accentuated by string lights and draped fabric for a whimsical touch.
  • Photobooth Area: Turn a designated corner into a whimsical backdrop with thematic décor, playful props, and soft lighting, inspiring laughter and unforgettable photo moments.”
  • Welcome Area: A decorated space near the entrance to greet guests as they arrive, which may include a welcome sign, flowers, a seating chart, or a wishing well. Think of the wishing well as the Christmas tree for your bridal shower gifts! Let’s be real, the last thing you want to do in the middle of all the fun is run around collecting gifts one by one. You can find out how to easily set up a wishing well here.
bridal shower decoration design blueprint

These are your main essential areas. Different areas can also be combined. For example, the food display area may also be your welcome area.

Now, that you understand the different bridal shower areas, let’s delve into how you can spice each one of these areas with decor pieces.

If you’re stuck on what bridal shower decor to include, here is a list of them:

  • floral arrangements,
  • ceiling decorations,
  • balloons,
  • table centerpieces & linen,
  • themed decor,
  • charming food display table adorned with a decorative cake stand,
  • personalized signage or banners with the bride’s name or initials, and
  • delicate fairy lights to create a romantic ambiance.
bridal shower decoration guide

If your inner Picasso for your bridal shower décor isn’t unleashing, worry not! We’ve already racked our own brains, and our very own bridal shower decor ideas are ready for your stealing!:


For bridal shower decor, start planning early! Create a bridal shower decor plan now to have a general idea of what you need to buy. Remember if you feel overwhelmed, do not worry! Download your very own free bridal shower checklist at the very end to turn all this information into actionables.

A successful bridal shower starts with unique and creative bridal shower decor ideas. But hold your confetti, because there’s one tiny detail you can’t overlook: bridal shower invitations. You MUST give guests adequate notice before the bridal shower because it’s considered a big social no no for late notice! Prepare your invitations as early as possible. 

We’re coming close to the end of this article (sob)! You’re doing very well!


If you think bridal shower invitations are about just communicating crucial information about the event, that’s not true ladies! They set clear guest expectations and build anticipation as the event approaches.

Related: When To Send Bridal Shower Invites?: Here’s The Best Time To Send Them

  1. Guest list: inviting the wrong people or failing to invite someone important can damage relationships or ruin your perfect bridal shower. Don’t let that happen! Make sure you honor the bridal shower guest etiquette for who to invite and who not to invite. 
  2. Wording: you can steal our invitation wording example templates right here which includes all the important details to include in the invitations like the RSVP information, date, etc.
  3. Send the invitations: why bother with the fuss of printing and hand-delivering bridal shower invitations when you can go digital? With digital bridal shower invitations, you skip the printing headaches, breeze through shipping, and effortlessly track RSVPs. If you want to half your workload for your bridal shower invitations, we’ve made a Digital Bridal Shower Invitations guide for you with a detailed step to step guide including the best beginner-friendly digital platforms.
  4. Monitor RSVP: keep track of guest list and confirmations.

Now you’ve gathered your nearest and dearest for a bridal shower! But as the hours tick by, you can feel the energy starting to stink like bad breath and the conversation growing stale like bad bread (gross!). Enter: bridal shower activities, the not-so-secret ingredient that transforms a lackluster gathering into a whirlwind of laughter, connection, and unforgettable moments. 


Bridal shower activities provide the perfect opportunity for guests to break the ice, forge new friendships, and strengthen bonds with old ones. They make the bridal shower R.A.D.I.A.N.T!

A bridal shower is only as good as its activities. So what makes a good activity, you ask? 

  • Engaging: none of this sit-around-and-make-awkward-small-talk nonsense. 
  • Memorable: activities that’ll have guests reminiscing about the bridal shower for years to come.
  • Personal: it should reflect the bride’s personality, interests, and unique style. 

We’ve got a whole article packed with bridal shower activities and how to host them. These activities aren’t just your run-of-the-mill party games (we’ll leave the pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey to the kids). Oh no, we’re talking about activities that are engaging, memorable, and tailored to reflect the bride’s unique personality!

Now that we’ve got your creative juices flowing with all those fabulous bridal shower invitation ideas, it’s time to talk about everyone’s favorite part of any party—the food! The right menu can take your bridal shower from good to unforgettable in a single bite. I just wanted to tell you you’ve made it through more than half of the article—you’re practically a bridal shower planning pro already! Keep reading, you’re almost there! 


The N in R.A.D.I.A.N.T stands for nom nom menu. The reason I call it nom nom menu is (partly because the word ‘menu’ clearly does not start with the letter N and I needed a satisfying acronym but anyways really) because it conveys the enjoyment of eating mind-blowingly delicious food.

Have you ever heard someone complain about a party? As they recount the event, one of the first things they mention? The food. How bland or disgusting it was.

Nom nom food isn’t just a side note at a bridal shower—it’s the main event. It’s what sets the tone, creates the atmosphere, and leaves a lasting impression on your guests. 

Trust me, a bad menu is a recipe for disaster. 

What should be on the nom nom bridal shower menu? 

  • Size: are we talking a hearty feast fit for a king and queen, or more of a dainty nibble fest? It all depends on the vibe and your preferences. If you’re planning a sit-down affair, consider serving up full meals. But if you want mingling to be the focus, you’re on a budget or it’s an afternoon tea party, bite-sized delights and finger foods are the way to go.
  • Savory/sweet: why choose when you can have both? Think appetizers that’ll make your guests weak in the knees, followed by decadent desserts that’ll have them coming back for seconds (and thirds!).
  • Cake: consider the theme, color scheme, and overall style of the event.

How To Plan A Bridal Shower Menu

  1. Theme it Up: Choose dishes that complement the vibe and enhance the overall experience.
  2. Get Inspired: Scour Pinterest or our Bridal Shower Menu blog page for drool-worthy recipes.
  3. Make a List: Write down your chosen menu options. Don’t forget to consider any dietary restrictions or allergies among your guests and plan accordingly.
  4. Consider Logistics: Next, think about the logistics of preparing and serving your menu. Will you be cooking everything yourself, enlisting the help of friends and family, or hiring a caterer? Who will be paying for the food?Where will you source the ingredients from? Consider factors like kitchen space, equipment, and timing to ensure a smooth and stress-free execution.

These are some popular your bridal shower menu additions because they are easy on the wallet, a breeze to plan and a crowd pleaser. Click on the following images if you want to see how to simply add them to your bridal shower: 

The nom nom bridal shower menu goes hand in hand with bridal shower tokens. They sear the bridal shower event into the minds of all our guests as a memory that lasts a lifetime.

Next up is the last section of our Bridal Shower Club planning guide (*sniffles and sobs*). You are so very close to the end. 

Step Seven: TOKENS

Ah, bridal shower favors (the t in the acronym R.A.D.I.A.N.T) —those little tokens of appreciation that leave guests with a sweet reminder of the special day. What should you choose as your bridal shower favor keepsake? 

  • Personalization: e.g. with heartfelt message or a custom touch that makes each guest feel like part of the inner circle. 
  • Useful: While it’s nice to receive a pretty trinket, practical favors are often the most appreciated. Choose items that guests can actually use.
  • Interactive: Favors that engage guests in a fun activity to make them. This means guests can customize their bridal shower favors themselves. 

We’ve got some examples of bridal shower favors here:

Before you download your free bridal shower checklist, we just want to say CONGRATULATIONS! As promised, we now officially knight you as Bridal Shower Planner Pro. We’ve been very lucky to have you here at Bridal Shower Club and we hope to see you again. <3 We want to help you to plan the most R.A.D.I.A.N.T bridal shower everyone will love with minimal time, experience and stress! Feel free to bookmark our page and revisit us or share this article to help out your fellow bridesmaids.

Once you snag our Bridal Shower Club checklist, we have a complimentary article with explanations for each actionable. Consider this your cheatsheet as it will save you so much guesswork and headache. We spent a long time making it so we hope you love it:

bridal shower checklist

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One of my most memorable bridal showers I hosted was a dog themed bridal shower where every guest brought their dogs!

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