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21 Fabulous Winery Bridal Shower Ideas

Planning a bridal shower that’s equal parts classy and fun can feel like herding tipsy cats through a vineyard.

But fear not, fabulous maid of honor – we’ve got all the unique winery bridal shower ideas to make your celebration the toast of the town!

Where Do I Find The Winery Venue for The Bridal Shower?

A winery bridal shower is basically an excuse to drink wine all day and call it classy! It involves sipping on fabulous wines and enjoying vineyard views with your closest friends.

BUT the most unique part of the winery bridal shower venue is also the hardest: finding the perfect winery venue. But fear not, fabulous maid of honor, we’ve got all the secrets on how to find and coordinate your winery venue for your bridal shower.

winery bridal shower table edited

So how to find your winery bridal shower venue? Google Maps is your best friend when planning a winery bridal shower.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to make your search easy and enjoyable:

Step 1: Go on Google Maps

Open Google Maps on your phone or computer.

Step 2: Search for Wineries

Type “wineries near me” or “wineries in [your desired location]” into the search bar.


Step 3: Explore Options

Browse the list of wineries that pop up. Look at their ratings, read some reviews, and check out photos to get a feel for each place.

image 1

Step 4: Visit Winery Websites

Click on the websites of your top picks. Most wineries will have detailed information about their facilities, events, and amenities.

image 2

Step 5: Consider the Logistics

When evaluating potential wineries, keep the following factors in mind:

  • Location: Is the winery easy to get to for your guests? Consider travel time and transportation options.
  • Capacity: Does the winery have enough space to comfortably accommodate your party?
  • Facilities: Check if the winery has the necessary facilities, such as seating areas, restrooms, and parking.
  • Services: Does the winery offer event planning assistance, catering options, or wine tasting packages?
  • Availability: Make sure the winery is available on your preferred date.

On google maps, you can click on features to see what unique experiences each bridal shower winery venue offers.

Although a winery bridal shower offers a truly unique and enchanting experience, if winery venues for your bridal shower are too far or difficult to coordinate, consider a garden party bridal shower:

Make sure your chosen spot can accommodate all your brilliant ideas, activities, and menu plans. It’s a good idea to envision some of your bridal shower concepts first before settling on a venue. We encourage you to read our next section on fabulous winery bridal shower ideas to get inspired before you start your search!

image 3

Step 8: Check the Weather

If you’re planning an outdoor event, consider the season and typical weather. Ensure there’s an indoor option or tent available in case of rain.

Step 9: Review the Costs

Discuss pricing and packages with the winery. Make sure you understand what’s included and any additional costs that might come up. Of course, there are bound to be unexpected costs along the way, but it’s best to plan for sneaky costs ahead of time.

Step 10: Book Early

Once you’ve found the perfect winery, book it as soon as possible to secure your date.

With these steps, you’re well on your way to finding a winery that will make the bridal shower a memorable and joyous celebration. Cheers to planning an event that’s as delightful as the wines you’ll be tasting!

21 Wine Themed Bridal Shower Ideas: Activities & Favors

1. Invitations with a Twist

Want to impress guests from the get-go? Ditch the standard paper invites and go for something fun and memorable like mini wine bottles with custom labels or cork coasters engraved with event details. These unique invitations set the tone for your classy vineyard bash and double as keepsakes!

2. Blind Tasting Challenge

Put your guests’ palates to the test with a blind tasting challenge. Cover wine bottles and have everyone guess the varietals – the person with the most correct answers wins a prize, and everyone gets to enjoy some great wines along the way!

winery bridal shower decor

3. Insta-Worthy Décor

Transform your venue into an Instagram paradise with fairy lights, grapevine wreaths, and rustic wine barrel tables. A fabulous photo booth with oversized wine glasses and cheesy love quotes will have guests snapping and sharing all day long – because if it’s not on the ‘Gram, did it even happen?

winery bridal shower hanging decor

4. Vineyard Scavenger Hunt

Unleash your inner explorer with a vineyard scavenger hunt! Create a list of quirky items or landmarks to find, like the oldest vine or the best selfie spot, and let the adventure begin. It’s a perfect mix of fun and friendly competition that keeps everyone engaged.

5. Delicious Pairings

Delight your guests’ taste buds with wine and gourmet snack pairings. Think cheese platters, chocolate truffles, and charcuterie boards – because nothing says “I’m sophisticated” like nibbling on brie while sipping a fine Chardonnay.

6. Wine-Themed Games

Keep the laughter rolling with wine-themed games like “Pin the Cork on the Bottle” or a wine trivia contest. These playful activities add a touch of hilarity to your day and make sure everyone’s having a grape time (pun absolutely intended).

7. Vineyard Chic Dress Code

Set the tone for style with a “vineyard chic” dress code. Encourage guests to don their best sundresses, wide-brimmed hats, and comfy sandals – it’s all about looking fabulous while being vineyard-appropriate. Plus, those flowy dresses and hats make for amazing photos!

vineyard bridal shower dress code edited

8. Custom Wine Glasses

Give your guests a take-home gift they’ll actually use with personalized wine glasses. Whether etched with the bride’s name, wedding date, or a fun quote, these glasses are a classy and practical memento of the day. Toast to love, friendship, and plenty of wine – cheers!

customized wine bottle bridal shower

9. Wine Blending Workshop

Why settle for just drinking wine when you can create your own custom blend? Host a wine blending workshop where guests mix different varietals to craft their perfect bottle – it’s like being a mad scientist, but with delicious results!

10. Wine and Paint

Channel your inner artist with a wine and paint session. Set up easels and provide painting supplies while guests sip on their favorite vintages – because nothing says creativity like a brush in one hand and a glass of Merlot in the other!

11. Grape Stomping

Take a step back in time with a grape stomping activity! It’s a fun, interactive way to get a little messy and experience traditional wine-making – just be sure to bring a change of clothes and maybe some towels for those grape-stained toes.

12. Picnic in the Vineyard

Elevate your winery bridal shower with a picturesque picnic in the vineyard. Lay out cozy blankets and gourmet snacks among the vines, and enjoy the perfect mix of relaxation and luxury – it’s the ultimate alfresco dining experience!

wineyard bridal shower picnic edited

13. Wine Bottle Guest Book

Ditch the traditional guest book and go for a wine bottle guest book instead. Have guests sign a large wine bottle with metallic markers, creating a beautiful keepsake that the bride can display – and maybe even pop open on a special anniversary!

guest book winery bridal shower edited

14. Sparkling Wine Bar

Add a touch of sparkle to your event with a DIY sparkling wine bar. Provide a variety of bubbly options and mixers like fruit juices, berries, and herbs for guests to create their own custom mimosas or bellinis – because life’s too short not to sparkle.

15. Barrel Room Dinner

For a truly unforgettable experience, host an intimate dinner in the winery’s barrel room. The ambiance of aging wine barrels and candlelit tables creates a cozy, romantic setting – perfect for toasting the bride-to-be with your closest friends.

barrel room dinner winery bridal shower edited

16. Wine-Infused Spa Treatment

Treat your guests to a bit of pampering with wine-infused spa treatments. From grape seed facials to wine-infused hand massages, these luxurious treatments are a delightful way to relax and rejuvenate amidst the celebrations.

17. Vineyard Scavenger Hunt

Organize a vineyard scavenger hunt for a fun and engaging activity. Create a list of items or landmarks to find, and let guests roam the vineyard in search of clues – it’s a great way to explore the winery and add a bit of adventure to the day.

18. Wine Scent Game

Test your guests’ noses with a wine scent game. Provide aromatic kits with different scents commonly found in wines, and challenge everyone to identify them – it’s a fun, educational activity that can turn anyone into a wine connoisseur.

19. Wine Glass Painting

Let your guests unleash their inner artists by hosting a wine glass painting station. Provide plain wine glasses, glass paints, and brushes for everyone to create their own unique designs. It’s a fun and interactive activity that results in a personalized keepsake for each guest – and don’t forget to toast to your masterpieces!

20. Theme Pairing: Flower Winery Theme

Looking to add a dash of floral finesse to your winery bridal shower? Pair the elegance of a vineyard with the beauty of blooming flowers by incorporating a flower winery theme. Picture tables adorned with lush floral centerpieces, wine bottles wrapped in delicate blossoms, and flower crowns for every guest. This budget-friendly idea is easy to execute – just visit your local florist or grab some DIY supplies and let your creativity blossom!

flower winery bridal shower

21. Truffle Picking

Looking for a unique and earthy twist to your winery bridal shower? How about taking your guests on a truffle-picking adventure? This activity is perfect for more suburban or rural settings where wineries and truffle farms often go hand in hand. Just check for local truffle farms nearby, and prepare for a day of fun, flavor, and fabulous memories.

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